Monday, May 23, 2016

Event 3

This week I attend the sculpture exhibit from the hammer museum. The sculpture exhibit includes multiple artists who explore mundane objects that people use in their life and how they can transform the objects to reference the human body. When I attended the exhibit, one piece in particular caught my attention. I will mainly focus on that particular piece. 

The two topics that stood out the most to me when I was going through the exhibit was the idea of two cultures and the missing third culture and robotics and art. I believe that the third culture is technology because is it able to merge together two completely unrelated areas. Collaboration, innovation, and expression between the two cultures is capable because of technology.
MacArthur Park
The piece that I am going to be talking about is entitled “MacArthur Park.” “MacArthur Park was made by artist, Martin Kersels. “MacArthur Park” explores the idea of everyday objects that people using being turned into a machine that references the human whom uses it. The base of the piece was created from a speaker. The base references the legs of the human. The Middle section of the piece had a large single ball in the center with smaller balls coming out of the middle that reference the arms and torso of a human. The top of the sculpture is made out of a old stereo and a VRC set. The top references the head of the person. In “MacArthur Park” I felt as though the two cultures were the art and the human. Therefore, the technology of the mundane objects were able to merge the two to create a sculpture that explores how humans interact objects. 
Proof I was There
Similarly, the piece also dealt with the idea of robotics and art. I thought this sculpture was a really interesting take on robotics because I does not look like a stereotypical robot. Rather the robots is a commentary on how people are almost becoming consumed with the technology that surrounds them. Therefore, it feels as though the person is beginning to become one with technology. I think that this is a really successful sculpture because it causes the viewer to contemplate how they interact with the technology that surrounds them and whether or not they believe that they are being absorbed by the technology.

I recommend this exhibits because it provides interesting examples of two cultures merging into a third culture. Also, the exhibit really causes the viewer to look at how they are being effect by the third culture. 

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